Automate your cybersecurity recruiting process

Screen candidates for cybersecurity jobs with online skills assessments.

Look Beyond Resumes
Resumes don't show skills. Discover candidates' real abilities with objective skills assessments.
Hire Faster
Filter out unqualified candidates. Reclaim engineering time by reducing the time that engineers spend interviewing unqualified candidates.
Standardize Hiring
Demand a consistent set of skills. Hire more people without sacrificing quality.

Let candidates show off their real skills

CyberQualify is an interview and screening tool designed to test cybersecurity candidates with hands-on practical challenges. Instead of relying on resumes, assess candidates with realistic Capture-the-Flag style challenges.

  • Judge penetration testers on how well they can exploit vulnerable systems.
  • Judge incident responders on how well they can find evil in event logs.
  • Hire candidates based on who can actually perform the job the best... rather than who looks good on paper.

How it works

  • You build a skills assessment for your open cybersecurity position
    • You select sample challenges (or make custom ones) that relate to the position
  • You send the assessment link to candidates
  • Candidates take the assessment online
  • You review the candidates' answers, which are automatically scored

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